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The end of Winter

Finishing my first season

all seasons in one day 24 °C

Wow, the end of my first season already! The leaves are just beginning to sprout on the Aspen Poplars, the lakes and ponds have thawed, the flip flops and shorts combo are being whipped out left right and centre, and the Crocuses are blooming too. I'm excited to see how the Bow Valley will develop now we're entering Spring.

The weather has been so crazy recently! This past week was a scorcher! So unexpected, and when you're wearing thermals and over trousers... slightly unwelcome if you want to get your tan on. This week was weird; the campers arrived on Monday instead of Tuesday which meant our week shifted ahead a day with a Friday Funday au lieu of the tradish Monday Funday. I began the week with a horribly croaky voice. An excellent way to begin with all the shouting and singing that proceeds! I managed to get through okay, although definitely found it more difficult with a lack of voice and enthusiasm, and just have the sniffles now. So on Tuesday, the weather was gloriously sunny! We hiked up the Bald Drumlin and it was funn! Then on Wednesday it got up to 24oC! Two days later it was raining then snowing! What crazy weather we have here! hehe

On Friday we had our end of season celebration. We had a BBQ with some excruciatingly delicious food... STRAWBERRIES Oh how I've missed them. In all their sensational scarlett glory. We had an astonoshing array of delicacies to consume, prepared for us by the wonderful kitchen staff who continue to blow my mind with their culinary skills. We had changed the words to a camp song for our boss, Nikki, which we performed as a thank you for the terrific job she's done for us so far. Then we presented our other boss, Ashley, with a cookbook that we'd all written a message in and signed. Finally, Ashley read aloud a speech she'd prepared which was really cute and the perfect way to end the season. I felt a little emotional! I feel like I've come so far! Then we were presented with copies of the speech, our staff photo with messages from Ashley and Nikki on the reverse, and a handmade bracelet which I love! The most exciting part was this climbing rope bracelet, the ends of which you have to melt and join around your wrist so it basically never comes off! That day I felt like a true camper! All the staff have these collections of rope bracelets that they acquire at the end of every season they work, and I've always envied them 'cause they look so cool.

In the evening, I heard rumours about people taking out Canoes onto Lake Chilver. When I arrived, I was almost breathless as I took in the surroundings. I see the views of the area everyday, but still you see them from new perspectives and the land is just so captivating. Sam and I dropped our Canoe into the water and I hopped in. It's always a bit scary as it wobbles violently when you first get in, but almost immediately you get used to it. They're pretty sturdy beasts. So we got paddling and got into the rhythm. Then we remembered that there was supposed to be a connecting passage way from one Lake to the next. However, since there'd been so little rain/snow this winter, apparently it was too shallow to pass through. When we got to the passage we decided to go through anyways, and managed to paddle through fairly easily onto the larger side of Lake Chilver. It was truly spectacluar. The water was so still aside from the dipping of our paddles. The sun was setting as we paddled away from it, seeking rest behind the silohetted Rockies. Sam and I tied our Canoe to this jetty and hopped up. The sky was cloudless, just this pristine shade of blue that echoed that of the water. I remember wondering what everyone was doing back at home. What were you doing? Because you should have stopped whatever it was, flung yourself on a plane, and rushed to where I was that night. Mesmerising.

I really do love it here, I just wish so many of you could see it.

We went home to the Clusters and then made a campfire in an open tipi. On Monday, I move into a tipi for the rest of my time here which I have mixed emotions about. I love the physical idea of it, but not being able to have a break from your campers when you sleep scares me a little! haha. I'm sure it will be just swell though.

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you start every one with "Woah" "Wow" or "Gosh"
haha :)

by Fig

Hi Katie, I think you've got a flourishing career in travel journalism ahead! I can almost feel I'm there and really wish I was. Great to hear from you and I gather you've got an exciting break lined up in Mexico soon - really jealous! Kieran's exams are going well - only 3 left now and Jen has got her exams next week too, so they're both swotting hard. over half term. Just visiting for a few days to see Grandad, so Nana has seen this too and sends her love.

by Lyn

Nana here Katie. Granddad a bit easier with his breathing but will be in hospital for a while yet. He is asking about you often. Love your blog. Moon and Stars
Nana x (lol)!!!

by Nana

Yet again such fab linguistics! Wish we were coming to Mexico with you; we are off that week so may surprise you!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!;love you baba! And keep safe; will top your mobile up so you can take it with you for safety;remeber your charger and international plugs and mozzie stuff!!! Love ya; love one anxious mother!!! (not really!) take care.moma!!xxxxxxxxx

by carol goldsmith

Katie... I love your writing... I can hear your voice as I read it... yet at the same time, I think some of it you would NEVER say in real life... while other things you definately say all the time.

I am sorry I wasn't around to help type...

We need another D&M sometime soon... volunteer this weekend? HAHA... kidding, I know you have to go book your flights and such...

by Roody

You legend Kate!! I wish I could see everything that you've described, it sounds SO idyllic... <3 you xxxxxxx

by Jenna

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