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Hey guys! I'm here safe and sound. Wow, it's been a whirlwind 3 days so far, but I'm enjoying myself! I'm gonna write about each day individually, and add pictures later 'cause I all the appropriate cables are packed away somewhere.
These are taken from my Travel Diary, hence why some of it sounds present.

DEER WUN. Currently on the plane, the time is 11:11 pm GMT, but Canadian local time is 4:11 pm and there are 1609 km to go.
Okay, so I bid farewell to mes parents at Manny airport, and 5 minutes into my independence a major grope ensued from security as a result of Mum surreptitiously putting a pound coin into my back jeans pocket. Thanks Mum! One tiny pound, and I received a full breast examination and had to remove my shoes and everything! Then I had a 30 minute wait until the plane, in which Charlotte entertained me fully over the phone, which was very much appreciated.
The flight to Heathrow was fine. Not much to tell - just caught up in the excitement of everything.
Then arrived in LHR Terminal 5 an hour later. It's so cool! Really big and modern. Got beaten by some little 6 year old at Fifa (cringe) and had a gorgeous "Fruitasia" smoothie in Giraffe, which is where I met Mark (the guy I'm travelling with). Then we had luncheon in, get this...WAGAMAMA. ♥ It's been on my 'to eat' list for a while (I actually do have a list). The price was horrific but really generous portion sizes and obviously the food was simply delicious.
Anyways, Mark and I got talking about life and everything in between...terrifyingly an hour and a half later Mark heard "last call for flight BA0103 to Calgary". I was on the phone at the time, so if Mark hadn't have heard it, we would have been swimming in poo canal. So we (well, I) majorly panicked, naturally, we got our things and sprinted like athletes (blatez) to the gate. We rushed down this ridiculously long escalator, to find that we had to take a friggin' transit train to reach the gate. <B>May I add that I was dressed in full fleece, ski jacket, fur hat ♥, and scarf, so

a) this was extremely hot and humid, and

b) mega bulky to try and run in</B>

It didn't help that poor Mark was limping on a sprained ankle!
Anyway, rushed out of the transit, up THREE flights of escalators (still running) and finally made it to the gate! Phew!
Entered the plane panting and sweating, peeled off my layers of coats and felt the vapour evaporating from my skin. I must have looked so sexy.
I watched the Time Traveller's Wife, 500 Days Of Summer ♥ and currently am in the process of watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince.
Had Chicken Tikka for dinner, was laaavly! The last 2 hours are dragging on a bit now, hence the ridiculously over described entry, my bum is going numb and I just had a "are you sure you really want to do this?!" moment. No going back now though. Mark wanted me to add that he beat me twice at Gin Rummy. Dammit.

Anyways, the rest of Harry Potter is calling! I'll write after my first day in Calgary.



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You nearly missed the plane.!Now that would have been unfunny! Dad and I look forward to reading your blog and may print some off for Pam and Nana and Grandad as they do not have computers.I hope to increase my computer skills while trying to keep up with all your methods of communication! Be careful and safe! Love to Mark. Love from Mum.xxxxxxxxx

by KatieG11

Ahh Katie, get yourself some sweets ;)

by James :)

Can't believe you nearly missed the plane! haha. The breast exam sounds exciting lol. Thursday sounds very eventful to say the least and you hadn't even arrived in Canada yet. What did you think of the time travellers wife? I've been meaning to watch that.. and you talking about harry potter reminds me that even though I did that book reading marathon in the summer in order to watch the newest film.. i still haven't!!On't next entry.. here I come!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

by Natalie H

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